Men’s Hair Color Brand Improves
Targeting Accuracy 300%

Men’s CPG Brand Trims Costs by 7%
and Increases Targeting Accuracy over 300%


A leading men’s hair color brand was interested in using a direct mail campaign to drive trial among competitive users, or men new to the category. Their previous direct mail efforts had dramatically underperformed traditional TV and print campaigns, so they knew they had to be targeted with a custom message designed to drive trial.


Twenty-Ten executed a short consumer survey to identify the target profile of the consumer most likely to try and key messages that would drive trial. After identifying the target profile, Twenty-Ten developed a patented Targeting Algorithm to identify target consumers, including their postal addresses. A direct mail package, including free trial offer, was then delivered to these consumers.


Twenty-Ten improved targeting accuracy over 300%, while significantly reducing cost per new user compared to both historical direct mail and alternate media campaigns.

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