Life Insurer’s Response Rates
Climb by 38%

Life Insurance Company Boosts Response Rates
an Average of 38%


A life insurance provider had behaviorally segmented their customer database, and the analysis identified a group of consumers who were traditionally high responders to their historical direct marketing campaigns. They wanted to find an effective way to improve purchase response rates among these current customers.


To increase response rates, Twenty-Ten attitudinally split the high-responder group based on values and needs, to support the execution of versioned messaging with creative designed to really resonate and drive response. Twenty-Ten identified two key attitudinal groups in the high-responders segment:

  • Aspirationalist – Those who want a better future for their family
  • Sacrifice Now – Those willing to sacrifice financially now to protect their family down the road

Using their patented targeting technology, Twenty-Ten targeted consumers most likely to respond to each message, and a direct mail test was executed to both Aspirationalists and Sacrifice Now consumers. To provide a control, a generic message was also distributed to a random sampling of both groups.


The response rate in the targeted groups significantly exceeded historical efforts, and further drove response rates higher than the control cell by 33% (Sacrifice Now) and 43% (Aspirationalists).

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