Retailer Increases
Catalog Sales by 30%

Leading retailer increases catalog sales 30%


Facing declining catalog sales from its 113 million unit annual mailings, a leading retailer needed to hyper-target consumers to lift catalogue sales volume and profitability. To pilot Twenty-Ten’s targeting capabilities,the client chose an underperforming niche catalog, which targets consumers who invest significant time and money refitting cars and trucks for outdoor activities.


The catalog had been using behavioral targeting to focus on suburban and rural upscale males who hunt and fish, but response and sales were still low. Twenty-Ten identified a subgroup of consumers who fit the behavioral profile but who also had a predisposition towards catalogs and showed a high propensity to respond to and purchase from the specific niche catalog. Using their patented targeting technology, Twenty-Ten targeted the individual consumers most likely to respond, and they were mailed a catalog.


With mail-out volume consistent with prior mailings, Twenty-Ten targeting significantly improved sales results and increased the retailer’s profitability per catalog order by 30%.

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