CPG Brand Launches Addressable TV Campaign

Leading CPG Brand Executes First Addressable TV Campaign with
Twenty-Ten Hyper-targeting, sees 81% Accuracy.%


A leading fabric care brand owns the premium category – to expand, they had to penetrate the mid-tier category without cannibalizing their existing premium users.
They developed a new mid-tier product and prior to launch engaged Twenty-Ten to enable a hyper-targeted addressable TV campaign, designed to target acquisition consumers while actively suppressing their premium product users who were vulnerable to trade down.


Twenty-Ten used its patented targeting technology to develop a Targeting Algorithm, designed to target specific individual consumers and lower risk:

  • Behavior: current non-user (competitive user) or light-user (brand switcher)
  • Attitude/Underlying Motivator: high propensity to buy

Since the release of this mid-tier product had the potential to significantly cannibalize their existing product line, we hard-validated targeting accuracy for the CPG company’s leadership team prior to campaign launch. A third-party telephone research company surveyed a random selection of consumers from the top 3 deciles (top 30%) of the target list to determine targeting accuracy on the final addressable TV target file.


4 of 5 consumers the brand talks to in the addressable TV campaign will be target acquisition consumers. Even better, the telephone survey confirmed more than 50% of those consumers have a very high propensity to try the new product.

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