Marketing to the Right Moms Sparks
295% Lift in Responses

Marketing to the Right Moms
Sparks 295% Higher Response Rate


A leading manufacturer of baby products faced dramatic reductions in marketing spending and needed to focus their budget on their most high-value prospect consumers, as opposed to concentrating on all moms with kids under two.


Twenty-Ten executed a short consumer study with two key goals: 1) to identify a high-value prospect segment within moms with kids under two, and 2) to understand what to say to them to drive quick response. Once the target segment was identified – termed “Real World Moms” – Twenty-Ten built a Targeting Algorithm to hyper-target consumers with kids under 2 who best fit the profile and were most likely to respond. A direct mail package, including a free product offer, was delivered directly to Real World Mom households.


Real World Moms response rate was 295% higher than a control group (a random selection of moms with kids of the same ages also received the direct mail package).

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