CPG Company Improves Past Trial
Rates by 366%

CPG Company sees 11.2% Increase in Incremental Response Rates
– a 366% Improvement over Historical Trial


A leading CPG brand was sending high-value coupons to demographically targeted households with women aged 18-49. After fielding a consumer segmentation study, they identified a specific attitudinal target segment, Organizers, within the larger set of women aged 18-49 the brand had traditionally targeted. Representing 19% of consumers, Organizers aligned perfectly with one of the brand’s three sub-brands.


To increase response rate, the brand wanted to target Organizers with a custom message and promotional offer designed to resonate with Organizers and drive response. Twenty-Ten used its patented technology to develop a Targeting Algorithm, which hyper-targeted the consumers that best fit the Organizers segment. A direct mail package including a coupon was mailed directly to their household.


Organizers response rate was dramatically higher than historical response rates.

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