Community Developer See 30%
Rise in Responses

Direct Mail Response Rates for Major Home
and Community Developer Rise by 30%


A major home developer traditionally marketed their new developments using demographic-level targeting, but were no longer receiving desired results and wanted to increase response. A new marketing team wanted to dig deeper into consumer segmentation to understand more about who wants to buy what kind of home, to enable more effective campaigns with versioned messaging.


Twenty-Ten fielded a custom study designed to identify the key attitudinal purchase drivers behind a buying decision. After target segments were identified, Twenty-Ten developed Targeting Algorithms designed to identity and target the individual consumers who best fit each of the target segments, enabling hyper-targeted DM campaigns with versioned messaging. DM offers were sent asking prospects to attend showings, with custom creative designed for each target segment.


Response rates using the Twenty-Ten hyper-targeted system exceeded the traditional approach used by the home developer by over 30%.

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